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S T Kimbrough, Jr. has had successful parallel careers as a musician, academician / churchman, and author with widespread experience in all three fields in the US and abroad.  Just click on one of the images below or on "Read more" to find more information about his professional background and credits.

More on Steven Kimbrough as Musician.Steven Kimbrough as Musician. Kimbrough is well known as a recital and concert singer and is the foremost interpreter of the "turn-of-the-century" school of Viennese composers as is demonstrated by his many highly praised recordings. In 2005 and 2006 VMS released two new Kimbrough recordings: Songs of the Wild West and  Korngoldís Hollywood SongbookRead more ...

More on S T Kimbrough, Jr. as Academician/Churchman.S T Kimbrough, Jr. as Academician/Churchman.  An internationally known scholar, Kimbrough has taught in leading theological and university faculties in the USA and abroad and is a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, NJ.  Kimbrough has also served churches in both the United States and Germany; and as Associate General Secretary of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church and founding director of its Global Praise Program.   Read more ...

More on S T Kimbrough, Jr. as Author.S T Kimbrough, Jr. as Author. S T Kimbrough, Jr., is the author and editor of many books including A Heart to Praise My God (Abingdon Press), Charles Wesley: Poet and Theologian (Kingswood/Abingdon Press), Methodism in Russia and the Baltic States: History and Renewal (Abingdon Press), and Orthodox and Wesleyan Spirituality (St. Vladimirís Seminary Press) among others.  Read more ...

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