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Sweet Singer


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Charles Wesley, sometimes called the “sweet singer” of Methodism, is one of Christendom’s most outstanding poets.  He wrote some 9,000 hymns and sacred poems, hundreds of which became hymns for Christian worship.  George Friedrich Handel wrote music specifically for three of them.  Sweet Singer is a one-man musical drama that deals with Wesley’s struggle against poverty, reluctant acceptance of Holy Orders and life as a Church of England clergyman, adventure to America, opposition to slavery, social and spiritual reform, personal transformation, stormy beginnings of the Methodist movement, courage in the face of violence, family devotion and conflict, and poetic genius.  A free leader’s guide is available by clicking the Study Guides Link on the EcuFilm homepage (  Steven Kimbrough.

Audience: Senior High youth and adults
Running Time:
Eight Segments,
     6 to 19 minutes each, 90 minutes total
     May be viewed as a two-act musical drama
     (in color) or in eight study segments.
Suggested Settings:
Sunday school, new-
     member classes, small-group studies,
     evening programs, choir retreats, Heritage
     Sunday, seminary courses in Wesley
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$20.00 U.S. Dollars

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