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What the Critics Say

Steven Kimbrough's musical career has embraced opera, concert, musical theater performances as well as producing and acting in Sweet Singer, a one-person musical about the life and times of Charles Wesley.  Many of Kimbrough's performances have been reviewed and you can read what some of the critics have to say by clicking on one of the following links to pages about "What the Critics Say."  Just click on one of the images below or on "Read more" to find out more of what the critics say of S T's performances.

About Steven Kimbrough's Opera and Concert Performances.  Steven Kimbrough has been described as  a "master of vocal art" (La Stampa, Rome). He has performed on the operatic, concert and musical stages of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.  Read more ...

About Steven Kimbrough's Musical Theater Performances. Regarding one of Kimbrough's musical theater performances the music critic for The New Yorker wrote, “A remarkable singer with a cultivated, easily flowing baritone of fine quality and a rare command of words and rhythms.”  Read more ...

About Steven Kimbrough's Production of Sweet Singer. The author of a review of Sweet Singer, published in News Day, commented that “At Carnegie Hall in New York City Steven Kimbrough, a gifted artist of prodigious memory, fine vocal talent, and exceptional acting ability, captivated his audience with his vocal renditions of Charles Wesley through spoken word and song.”  Read more ...

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