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About Steven Kimbrough's Opera and Concert Performances

About Steven Kimbrough's Musical Theater Performances
About Steven Kimbrough's Production of Sweet Singer

"A magnificent baritone!”

 Journal de Genève

"His baritonal vocal art was seducing ... brillaint in voice and acting."

Stadt Anzeiger, Cologne

"I was even more impressed by Steven Kimbrough as the mellifluous Dionysos whose mellow baritone had a pleasantly soothing effect."

Opera, London

"Onegin was superbly sung by the American baritone, Steven Kimbrough."

Pravda, Moscow

"A gifted baritone ... a warm and soothing voice."

Opern Welt, Hannover

"Excellent vocal execution ... absolutely superb."

General Anzeiger, Bonn

"Spine tingling pianissimo ... every other requisite of the professional concert and operatic singer."

Birmingham News

"The tone is large, the quality attractively mellow and capable of producing a wide range of effects:  dramatic declamation, telling coloration, elegant finesse."

The New York Times

"First class. Singing with remarkable sensitivity and color."

New York Post

"Mr. Kimbrough is a remarkable singer, with a cultivated, easily flowing baritone of fine quality and a rare command of words and rythms."

The New Yorker

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